All science departments of the college and the department of education are well equipped with laboratories. There are facilities for carrying out research in the laboratories of the science departments.

The laboratory of chemistry department is recognised by the Gauhati University as research laboratory for carrying out research for Ph.D. degree under the university. Two of the faculties in the department of chemistry are recognised as research guide by the Gauhati University. The laboratory is equipped with UV-Visible spectrophotmeter, Visible spectrophotometer, Ultracentrifuge, Photocatalytic reactor, Sonicator etc. At present one JRF is working under a DST sponsored project.

The department of zoology is also well equipped with various instruments. Some of the important in the department are centrifuge, thin-layer chromatography (complete set-up), uv-visible trans-illuminator, digital balance, thermostated incubator, digital colorimeter, binocular research microscope, biochemistry analyser, max-minimum thermometer, lovibund disc comparator for pH determination, wet and dry bulb thermometer for relative humidity measurement and digital pH meter.

The college has a Biotech Hub established by the funding from Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India under North Eastern Region Biotechnology Programme Management Cell during 2011-12. Dr. Piyush Kr. Mishra, Asst. Professor, Department of Botany is acting as the co-ordinator of the hub. At present one J.R.F is working in the hub. The main objective of the hub is to provide research facilities and support to the undergraduate students of this college and other neighboring colleges and those who are pursuing their Ph.D. programmes in biological science. The research works are being carried out in biotech hub in the area of Microbiology, Molecular Biology etc. The laboratory is equipped with basic instrumentation facilities in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Plant Pathology, Tissue Culture and Biochemistry. The lab is equipped with some of the major equipments such as Trinocular Research Microscope with digital photography attachment, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, UV trans-illuminator, Thermo Cycler with accessories (PCR), Laminar Air Flow, BOD incubator, microcenrifuge etc.