Major Project

Sl. No. Name of PI/Co-PI Department Title of the project Funding Agency Type Amount Sanctioned (Rs.) Period Present Status
1. Dr. Susmita Sen Gupta Chemistry Utilization of Clays and Modified Clays as Adsorbents for Hazardous and Toxic Dyes in Water UGC Major 6,16,300/- 2009-2012 Completed
2. Dr. Dhruba Chakrabortty (PI) & Dr. Susmita Sen Gupta (Co-PI) Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Modified Titania for Photo-Catalytic Degradation of Toxic Dyes and Phenolic Compounds UGC Major 6,65,500/- 2011-2014 Completed
3. Dr. Susmita Sen Gupta (PI) Dr. Dhruba Chakrabortty (Co-PI) Chemistry Defluoridation of Water by Graphene-metal Ferrite Composite DST Major 22,61,800/- 2014-2016 On-going


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